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Site scraping programs and other malicious bots are a constant source of irritation for modern-day site owners and operators. Many websites solve this problem by forcing users to solve puzzles or decipher difficult-to-read characters. Our technology solves this problem through a non-intrusive human behavior analytical modeling method that can clearly identify non-human site traffic and tools to allow the site operator to manage it accordingly.


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Competitors and other parties can use automated programs to gather data from web sites, often overwhelming servers with non-human traffic. Ellipsis has developed “Human Presence,” a set of proprietary real-time algorithmic forecasting models and machine learning techniques that learn human web-browsing behaviors and differentiate these behaviors from bot activity.  Human Presence technology is non-instrusive and frictionless to site users, which increases site visit satisfaction levels and reduces lost business due to failed attempts at Turing-type methodologies (e.g. CAPTCHA).  Based on the results of the proprietary Ellipsis Human Presence score, site owners can finely tune their site access controls to allow humans to proceed without interference, while testing or blocking activity from bots.

Proprietary algorithms and machine learning

The Ellipsis “Human Presence” methodology incorporates the use of proprietary real-time algorthmic forecasting models which analyze browser activity to confirm the presence of a human (rather than a bot) on your site.  Additionally, machine learning tools allow the Ellipsis models to further refine our confirmation process to allow site owners to protect against content theft, site scraping and other bot-related and fraudulent activities.   Ellipsis understands that site owners know best what to do with known bot traffic to protect their sites, so we provide the non-intrusive tools to allow site owners to control bot traffic while maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction levels.

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